Gig List
Updated 2023-03-25
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Important Update:
Now taking bookings again!

Feb 3 Tewinbury Farm, Tewin with Fleetwood Mac Duo (8-10pm)
Feb 4 The Quiet Man, Ware with Fleetwood Mac Duo (9.30pm)
Feb 10 Pennyhill Park Hotel, Bagshot (6.30pm)
Feb 11 Private Party Windsor
Feb 14 White Horse, Eaton Socon (6-9pm)
Feb 18 Pennyhill Park, Bagshot (6.30pm)
Feb 24 Broadway Hotel, Letchworth (7.30pm)
Feb 25 Welwyn Sports and Social Club
Mar 11 Private Party
Mar 16 Crafty's Beer Shop, Letchworth (7-9pm)
Mar 17 Pennyhill Park Hotel, Bagshot
Mar 24 Tewinbury Farm, Tewin with Fmac Duo (8-10pm)
Mar 25 Three Horseshoes, Spellbrook, nr Bishops Stortford (8.30pm-12.30am)
Mar 26 with Jazz Dynamos
Mar 30 Greyhound, Bengeo Fleetwood Mac Duo
Mar 31 Green Man, Great Offley (8.30pm)
Apr 1 Private Party
Apr 7 Chequers, Woolmer Green
Apr 8 Wedding Reception Benny and Jonny
Apr 9 (12.30pm) Hilton Bankside, London
Apr 14 Broadway Hotel, Letchworth
Apr 15 Private Party
Apr 21 Pennyhill Park Hotel, Bagshot
Apr 22 Royal Hippodrome, Eastbourne with Carpenters Songbook
Apr 23 Kings Head, Barnet (1-4pm)
Apr 28 White Horse, Southill with FMac Duo (8-10pm)
Apr 29 Coopers Arms, Hitchin (8pm)
Apr 30 with Big Love UK
May 5 Private Party with DJ Jess Princeton
May 6 The Millstream, Hitchin (1-4pm)
May 6 Rumpy and Wade, Old Town Stevenage (7.30pm)
May 7 (4-6pm) Private Party
May 7 (8-10pm) Clophill TBC
May 11 Crafty’s Beer Shop, Letchworth
May 12 White Horse, Eaton Socon
Mar 10 Private Party
May 13 St David's Hall, Cardiff with Carpenters Songbook
May 25 North Pier, Blackpool with Carpenters Songbook
May 26 Dome, Doncaster with Carpenters Songbook
May 27 Private Party
Jun 3 Wedding Reception, London
Jun 9 Tewinbury Farm, Tewin Fleetwood Mac Duo
Jun 10 Private Party (5-9pm)
Jun 11 with Jazz Dynamos
Jun 18 Kings Head, Barnet (1-4pm)
Jun 24 Private Party
Jun 30 Green Man, Great Offley (8.30pm)
Jul 1 (11-4pm) Carpenters Nursery, St Albans
Jul 1 Private Party
Jul 8 Wedding Reception, Devon
Jul 15 (pm) Wedding Reception, Burton-upon-Trent
Jul 15 (eve) Wedding Reception, Herts Benny and Jonny
Jul 21 Lytton Arms (Fleetwod Mac Duo with Toni Lee)
Jul 28 Green Man, Great Offley (8.30pm)
Jul 29 Wedding Reception, Herts
Aug 13 with Piano Factor
Aug 20 Private Party (4-7pm)
Aug 25 with Vodka Martinis
Sep 2 Walsall Arena, with Carpenters Songbook
Sep 7 Forum, Bath with Carpenters Songbook
Sep 10 Kings Head, Barnet (1-4pm)
Sep 14 Cheltenham Town Hall with Carpenters Songbook
Sep 15 Dudley Town Hall with Carpenters Songbook
Sep 29 Wedding Reception, Herts
Sep 30 with Jazz Dynamos
Oct 8 Floral Pavilion, New Brighton with Carpenters Songbook
Oct 12 St Andrew's Hall, Norwich with Carpenters Songbook
Oct 14 Charter Hall, Colchester wit Carpenters Songbook
Oct 27 Central Theatre, Chatham with Carpenters Songbook
Oct 28 with Jazz Dynamos
Nov 10 Spotlight Theatre, Broxbourne with Carpenters Songbook
Nov 18 Forum, Billingham with Carpenters Songbook
Nov 24 Green Man, Great Offley (8.30pm)
Dec 9 Private Party
Dec 10 King's Head, Barnet (1-4pm)
Dec 10 with Piano Factor (7.30pm)
Dec 29 Green Man, Great Offley (8.30pm)
Dec 31 Tuddenham Mill, Newmarket with Jazz Dynamos
Jul 6 with Piano Factor

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