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Updated 2024-05-23
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You can find all Benny's gigs on this page. Benny is also on tour in 2025 and 2026 with the Carpenters Songbook! You can find all the tour dates here.

Jan 14 (1-4pm) Kings Head, Barnet
Jan 19 Wedding Reception, Hitchin
Jan 20 Horn, St Albans with Big Love UK
Jan 21 (5-8pm) Erith, Kent
Feb 1 Crafty's Beer Shop, Letchworth
Feb 3 Private Party
Feb 9 (6-9pm) Kingfisher Hotel, Bedford
Feb 10 Private Party
Feb 16 Broadway Hotel, Letchworth
Feb 24 with Buckingham and Nicks
Mar 1 Private Event
Mar 6 BLUES BAND NIGHT - BIGGLESWADE more details to follow!
Mar 7 (7-9pm) Three Horseshoes, Willian
Mar 16 (3-5pm) Pen and Con Terrace, Bedford Swan Hotel
Mar 16 with Jazz Dynamos
Mar 21 White Horse, Eaton Socon
Mar 29 Wedding Reception
Mar 30 (3-5pm) Rump and Wade, Stevenage Old Town
Mar 30 Coopers Arms, Hitchin
Apr 6 Private Party with Buckingham and Nicks
Apr 11 Sage, Gateshead with Carpenters Songbook
Apr 13 Private Party with Benny Smith All Stars
Apr 26 with Big Love UK
Apr 27 Lytton Arms, Knebworth with Buckingham and Nicks
May 2 Crafty's Beer Shop, Letchworth
May 4 Private Party with Benny and Jonny
May 11 (3-5.30pm) Biggleswade Beer Festival
May 11 Wedding Reception with Benny and Jonny
May 12 (1-4pm) Private Party
May 17 Broadway Hotel, Letchworth
May 18 Lytton Arms, Knebworth
May 25 Coopers Arms, Hitchin
May 26 (6-9pm) Kingfisher Hotel, Bedford
May 30 Joe's Bar, Oxford with Benny G Smith Blues Band
May 31 (7-10pm) Snooty Tavern, Great Staughton
Jun 1 Wedding Reception with Benny and Jonny
Jun 2 Private Party (TBC)
Jun 6 with Jazz Dynamos, Berkshire
Jun 15 Private Party
Jun 16 (2-5pm) Snooty Tavern, Great Staughton
Jun 19 Canaletto, Kingswood, Bicester Road HP18 with Benny G Smith Blues Band
Jun 21 Wedding Reception, Stevenage
Jun 23 (1-3pm) Three Horseshoes, Willian
Jun 27 Crafty's Beer Shop, Letchworth
Jun 29 Private Party
Jul 5 Wedding Reception
Jul 6 with Piano Factor
Jul 12 Todd in the Hole Festival with Seven Wonders of Fleetwood Mac
Jul 13 TBC
Jul 14 Todd in the Hole Festival with Piano Factor
Jul 27 TBC with Jazz Dynamos
Aug 3 with Buckingham and Nicks
Aug 10 Wedding Reception, Hitchin with Benny G Smith Blues Band
Aug 17 Private Party
Aug 24 with Jazz Dynamos
Aug 25 with Big Love UK
Aug 31 Coopers Arms, Hitchin
Sep 7 Welwyn Social Club
Sep 8 Floral Pavillion, New Brighton with Carpenters Songbook
Sep 13 Gravesend with BigLoveUK
Sep 15 (1-4pm) Kings Head, Barnet
Sep 21 (pm) Wedding Reception
Sep 22 Wedding Reception
Sep 27 Dome, Doncaster with Carpenters Songbook
Oct 12 Private Party
Oct 13 Private Party
Oct 17 Spotlight Theatre, Broxbourne with Carpenters Songbook
Oct 18 Hertford Corn Exchange with Big Love UK
Oct 19 Private Party
Oct 20 Buttermarket Halls, Shrewsbury with Carpenters Songbook
Nov 3 (1-4pm) Kings Head, Barnet
Nov 9 Private Party with Buckingham and Nicks
Nov 14 Chatham with Carpenters Songbook
Dec 21 Coopers Arms, Hitchin
Dec 22 (1-4pm) Kings Head, Barnet
Dec 27 Wedding Reception
Jan 18 Horn, St Albans with Big Love UK
May 3 Private party with Benny and Jonny
May 31 Wedding Reception, with Benny Smith All-Stars

Yesterday Once More - The Carpenters Songbook Dates

Jul 5 YORK, Grand Opera House
Jul 10 SOUTHSEA, Kings Theatre
Jul 31 CHELMSFORD, Chelmsford Theatre
Sep 6 TEWKSBURY, Roses Theatre
Sep 24 MILFORD HAVEN, Torch Theatre
Oct 1 DARLINGTON, Hippodrome
Nov 2 WINDSOR, Theatre Royal
Feb 21 CROMER, Pavilion Theatre
Feb 26 CRAWLEY, Hawth
Mar 1 CHATHAM, Central Theatre
Oct 17 SWANSEA, Grand Theatre

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