Gig List
Updated 2018-05-04
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Feb 14 White Horse, Hertingfordbury
Feb 16 Crown, Aston End
Feb 17 Private Party
Feb 23 Bridge Street Bistro, Hitchin
Mar 3 Private Party
Mar 8 Crafty's Beer Shop, Letchworth
Mar 9 Radcliffe Arms, Hitchin
Mar 16 Crown, Aston End
Mar 21 White Horse, Hertingfordbury
Mar 23 Bridge Street Bistro, Hitchin
Mar 30 Broadway Hotel, Letchworth
Mar 31 Private Party
Apr 4 White Horse , Hertingfordbury
Apr 6 Wedding Reception
Apr 7 (pm) Private Party
Apr 12 Crafty's Beer Shop, Letchworth
Apr 13 Crown, Aston End
Apr 14 TBC
Apr 18 White Horse, Hertingfordbury
Apr 20 Bridge Street Bistro, Hitchin
Apr 27 Hitchin Belles Fundraiser @ Priory School, Hitchin
- contact me for ticket details
Apr 28 Private Party
Apr 29 (5pm) The Three Horseshoes, Willian
May 4 Duke of Wellington, Stanwick, Northants (plus support)
May 5 Wedding Reception
May 6 (pm) Private Party
May 10 Crafty's Beer Shop, Letchworth
May 11 Private Party
May 12 (pm) Private Party
May 12 Private Party
May 16 White Horse, Hertingfordbury
May 18 Hitchin RUFC Ball
May 19 The Lytton Arms, Old Knebworth - GRAND RE-OPENING!!
Great to be back at this newly refurbished venue!!
May 25 with Jazz Dynamos
June 8 (8pm) Old White Horse, Baldock
June 9 Private Party
June 13 White Horse, Hertingfordbury
June 14 Crafty's Beer Shop, Letchworth
June 15 Crown, Aston End
June 22 Bridge Street Bistro
June 23 Private Party
June 27 White Horse, Hertingfordbury
June 28 Private Party
June 29 Chequers, Westoning
June 30 Private Party
July 6 Wedding Reception
July 7 Private Party
July 8 (3pm) The Three Horseshoes, Willian
July 11 White Horse, Hertingfordbury
July 12 Crafty's Beer Shop, Letchworth
July 13 Samuel Lucas End of Year BBQ @ Blueharts Hockey Club
July 14 with Eddie Searles Big Band, Norfolk
Aug 18 Wedding Reception
Aug 19 (4-6pm) Hen and Chickens, Baldock
Aug 24 Bridge Street Bistro, Hitchin
Aug 25 Wedding Reception
Aug 27 (3pm) The Three Horseshoes, Willian
Aug 31 Private Party
Sep 1 with Love Train
Sep 5 White Horse, Hertingfordbury
Sep 7 Crown, Aston End
Sep 8 Wedding Reception
Sep 14 Chequers, Westoning
Sep 15 Private Party
Sep 19 White Horse, Hertingfordbury
Sep 21 Old Riverport Blues & Jazz Festival, Royal Oak, St Ives
Sep 22 Private Party
Sep 28 Bridge Street Bistro, Hitchin
Sep 29 with Jazz Dynamos
Oct 5 Crown, Aston End
Oct 6 Wedding Reception
Oct 13 (8pm) Stylus Lounge, Baldock
Oct 20 Wedding Reception
Oct 26 Bridge Street Bistro, Hitchin
Oct 27 with Jazz Dynamos
Nov 3 Private Party
Nov 17 with Jazz Dynamos
Nov 23 Bridge Street Bistro
Dec 7 (7.30pm) The Broadway Hotel, Letchworth
Dec 14 (7.30pm) The Broadway Hotel, Letchworth
Dec 21 (7.30pm) The Broadway Hotel, Letchworth
Dec 28 (7.30pm) The Broadway Hotel, Letchworth
Dec 31 Broadway Hotel Ballroom, Letchworth
Mar 2 Wedding Reception
Apr 29 (pm) Wedding Reception
Jun 15 Wedding Reception
Dec 31 Bridge Street Bistro, Hitchin

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